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Mandy is a fantastic loan officer and I highly recommend her to all of my clients. What sets Mandy apart from other loan officers is her willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty to close a transaction. She is a true problem solver and will always seek out solutions to problems that inevitably crop up during transactions.
I especially appreciate Mandy’s proactive communication. I always know where the loan process stands when I work with her. This communication style translates to her clients as well. Her concern for her clients’ well-being shows in each and every interaction she has with them. I am happy to highly recommend Mandy to anyone looking for a caring, honest and reliable loan officer.
Valarie Swanson
Real Estate Agent
CENTURY 21 Award


Thought I would send a random shout out to my favorite mortgage lender… Mandy Whigham
If you know anyone in the San Diego area who is buying, selling or refinancing a house they need a qualified, knowledgeable, connected and compassionate lender who understands the stress of buying/selling a house and can help explain all your options in a way that makes you feel comfortable throughout the entire process. Mandy will do just that for you and is the only lender I use when I'm looking for my next real estate purchase. Give her a call if you are thinking about buying/selling/refinancing your home and it will be the best decision you can make!
Justin Le Blanc


This brief email does not do justice to the incredible customer service and professionalism we experienced throughout our loan process with both you and your entire team at Pac Trust Bank

Not only were you  personally available  virtually 24/7 during  the entire  refinance  process to answer every question no matter how trivial,  it was also the  absolute  integrity demonstrated  by you that  we felt throughout  the entire loan process.  Every detail about our loan that was discussed in our initial conversation in terms of rate/fee/terms was exactly as it appeared on our final loan documents. That is  we never were pressured into  taking  a loan that do not fit our needs, nor do we ever feel that you or your bank resorted  to the " bait and switch" tactics used by others in the industry.
As two self-employed business owners, we were extremely frustrated that after a year of dealing with our previous " large bank" on our refinance and getting nowhere, we  had almost given up hope of being able to refinance our home despite having excellent credit and a great deal of equity in the home.


Mike and Lambert Forman