Loan Process

Your Loan Officer meets with you face to face, by mail, E-mail, or fax; pulls your credit report and you. Loan Offi.cer then customizes a loan product to meet your individual needs. Locks rate and program with applicable investor upon your request and will maintain communication throughout the loan process to closing.
Loan Set Up
1. Residential appraisal ordered.
2. Title work ordered.
3. Required disclosures sent to you.
4. Verification of applicable entities (depositories, employer, etc.)
Loan Processing
Your Loan Officer is your contact during all processing and compiling of information for loan submission, i.e. income, assets, and credit. Send all information for loan processing to your Loan Officer, i.e. contract, loan statements, paystubs, etc. Loan package is reviewed to ensure information received meets investor guidelines prior to submission to underwriting.
Evaluation of your credit and property to determine adherence to investor guidelines.

• Approved • Suspended • Rejected • Approved Conditionally •

1. Your Loan Officer prepares your paperwork and forwards them to the title company.
2. Title Company previews instructions and prepares your Settlement Statement (HUD).
3. You’ll need a cashier’s check made out to the title company or have funds wired from your financial institution or relocation company.
Post Closing
Feel free to call us for any assistance after your closing. Thank you for the opportunity to serve your mortgage needs, and please remember us with your referral.